Hike: Kowloon Reservoir Network

by - November 11, 2013

Starting at Prince Edward MTR station, a group of people from my ‘hydrosystems’ course went to visit the Kowloon Reservoir network with our lecturer.  Once again, the massive generosity of lecturers in this part of the world was shown by him taking us all (a group of 16 students) out for a dim sum lunch at the end of it.  While not technically a field trip as such, it seemed like a good excuse to find out a bit about the water supply system in Hong Kong whilst also getting to know the people on the course, and our lecturer a bit better.

From Prince Edward we caught the number 81 bus north to the Kowloon Reservoir stop.  From here, we walked for about two and a half hours around three of the four major reservoirs in the area - the Kowloon Byewash Reservoir, Shek Lai Pui Reservoir and Kowloon Reservoir before coming back to where we started - the hike was about 6.5km long.  One of the main bonuses of the hike was the abundance of monkeys in the area - they seem happy to come reasonably close to humans, though get very protective if you come TOO close or make them uncomfortable (by starting at them for example).  There are plenty of signs around telling people not to feed the monkeys because the number of monkey attacks is apparently increasing (and there is nothing that ruins a hike more than getting rabies…)

All in all, not the most glamorous of hikes in Hong Kong, but not too difficult and a chance to visit some of the lesser visited areas.  The streams from the surrounding catchment area and between the reservoirs themselves were totally dried up so I think that the hike would be more impressive in the rainy season (though naturally the weather may be less hospitable).  Anyway, here are the photos from the hike:

Shek Lai Pui Reservoir

View back towards Victoria Harbour (notice the ICC building to the left)

Kowloon Reservoir Dam

Monkeys at the Reservoir

Monkey at the Reservoir

Kowloon Reservoir Dam

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