Hike: The Dragon's Back and Shek O

by - November 04, 2013

Looking over Shek O

The Trail Head (follow these signs)
 My first hike of the week, along the ridge of Victoria Peak, was by all measures pretty easy.  Eager to continue making the most of free time and good weather, Jake and I headed for the Dragon’s Back on Hong Kong Island.  This trail was at one stage voted the best hike in all of Asia so was definitely worth a try.  We go the MTR to Shau Kei Wan station and from there got the number 9 bus towards Shek O, asking the driver to let us out at ‘To Tei Wan’.  Luckily for us a really lovely local lady knew where this was and said that we should sit on the top deck of the double decker bus to take in the views - and that she would call us down when we got to our stop.  Great hospitality.  The views from the top deck of the bus are definitely worth it if you can also keep track of where your stop is (or alternatively can get a local person to help you).  The bus stop has the sign that I have shown above, so you know you are in the right place.

From the bus stop the hike took approximately four hours with a few stops for photos and snacks.  It winds its way along the ridge of the Dragon’s Back, with amazing views of Shek O and Stanley, before dropping down through bamboo forests and winding its way past Big Wave Bay village and ending up in Shek O, a fishing village with some great restaurants and a beautiful beach.  Once again I took my instructions from David Pickerell’s “Historical Hong Kong Hikes” book, but the Dragon’s Back is well marked - just follow signs for the Dragon’s Back and then for Shek O.  Seeing as you are walking along a ridge from which you can see the total extent of the hike, it is pretty difficult to get lost.  After grabbing some food at a great Thai restaurant at the main roundabout in Shek O village we were able to get the number 9 bus back to Shau Kei Wan station.  A really excellent hike to do - reasonably challenging, great views and a beach and good food at the end of it.  Photos below:

Shek O from the Dragon’s Back
Looking Towards Stanley
Me and Jake with the view from Shek O Peak
Big Wave Bay
Shek O Beach

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