Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. D-Day plus 5

by - August 30, 2010

It seems appropriate for Luxembourg to have a small section of its own on the blog, so while we only spent about 12 hours there, it is worth its own mention.  The Grand Prix finished at about 16.00, but at 19.00 we were still in traffic on the way to the campsite.  That is, it took us 3 hours to travel 11km.  For an indication of how frustrating that is, if we had been in Lewis´ McLaren, he could have got us from Paris to Berlin in that time.  Anyway, once back at the campsite we frantically packed up and tried to get hold of a taxi.  Unfortunately none seemed to be really running, so we got hold of a local man who was ferrying people around for the weekend.  However he was not in business that evening so pointed us towards his friend who would help us out.  To cut a long story short, we ended up hitching to the station in a random local man´s car.  He spoke no english, so we small-talked about the Grand Prix in the most basic of French.

To get to the station at Trois Ponts was a massive relief - the alternative to hitching had been a 12km route march through the Ardennes with full packs and no guaruntee that we would actually get to the station on time.  Our travel excitement was not to be over yet however, as the Trois Ponts to Luxembourg line was being repaired, so we had to catch a connecting bus for a large amount of the journey.  Eventually however, we arrived in Luxembourg City.  It was a MASSIVE relief - none of us honestly thought we would get there that evening and we envisaged ourselves camping rough in the Ardennes in the rain. I have to say, I don´t think that there have ever been three people so happy to be in Luxembourg.  To top this, the hostel we were staying at was superb - with nice showers, tvs in the rooms and for me in my single room, a double bed.  I would say that that night we had our best night´s sleep of the trip.

Our train for Frankfurt left at 9am the next morning, but Morgie and I didn´t want to miss the chance to explore another city/country so got up at 7am to explore.  Our quick tour of the city probably took in the majority of the sites and it was quite an interesting place - a UNESCO World Heritage site for those of you who know about my obsession with such things.  All of the photos on this post are of the city centre. We got the train on time and then made our way from Luxembourg to Frankfurt, via Trier and Koblenz up the pretty Rhine valley.  Frankfurt however, is a story for another blog.

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