Hitchin, Hertfordshire. D-Day minus 13

by - August 10, 2010

Hello and welcome.

This, is the blog for mine (Alex Coles), Daniel Hankin’s and a cast of other friends’ interrail trip around Europe.  As somebody with a severe attention to detail, I have been writing diaries of my holidays for years.  Given the more adventurous nature of this particular trip and the fact that it has seemingly gained outside interest, I thought I would update my chosen medium to the 21st century.  This is a challenge for me, because my standard style is to dryly recount the facts of the trip as the only person who is likely to read said account is me in twenty years’ time.  I will therefore endeavour to keep the posts as interesting and as readable as possible for you.

Having said that, this first post is a bit of a non post.  Daniel is currently in Sri Lanka and in my holiday boredom I have Microsoft Exceled the trip to death.  Every minute is now accounted for.  Actually thinking about it, this is an ideal place to outline the trip in its entirety.  The plan is thus:

24th to 26th Aug  -  Amsterdam, Holland
26th to 27th Aug  -  Brussels, Belgium
27th to 29th Aug  -  Spa Grand Prix, Belgium
29th to 1st Sept   -  Frankfurt, Germany
1st to 3rd Sept     -  Munich, Germany
3rd to 5th Sept     -  Berchtesgaten, Germany
5th to 6th Sept     -  Salzburg, Austria
6th to 8th Sept     -  Vienna, Austria
8th to 10th Sept   -  Bratislava, Slovalkia
10th to 12th Sept -  Budapest, Hungary
12th to 14th Sept -  Llubljana, Slovenia
14th to 16th Sept -  Venice, Italy.

According to Google Earth, the trip is 1500 miles as the crow flies.  I started writing today because it dawned on me that in a fortnight we shall be in Amsterdam, which is actually a very exciting thought.  For now though, it is a case of sitting tight and waiting for results day to pass by.  See you in Holland.

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