12: Hospet to Bangalore

by - January 20, 2014

An Indian sleeper bus (by day)
Today was almost totally dedicated to travel purposes.  As I have already stressed (repeatedly), myself and Sergei were doing our best to avoid using overnight buses and having got around using them fairly well thus far, today was to be the last day where they would come into play.  Luckily, we came across a service that used a sleeper bus but in the day – leaving Hospet at 3pm and arriving in Bangalore at midnight.  As we had already done a pretty good job of seeing Hampi, we had a bit of time to spare and it seemed like a good way of experiencing the sleeper buses while minimising the amount of time driving in the dark (when the majority of accidents happen).  We went with a company called Meenakshi and we were pleasantly surprised by the bus – it was a “2+1” style bus, with single bunk beds on one side and double bunk beds on the other.  Myself and Sergei took a double and our ‘pod’ was amply large for two and came with air conditioning.  It was remarkably comfortable and, having downloaded the entire first series of ‘Game of Thrones’ to my phone, the journey flew by.  A rickshaw took us from the bus stop to our hotel (the Elanza) and we were able to have a full night’s sleep – all in all another excellent day in terms of getting from A to B.

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